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This aromor is very old and very rare now. It makes very meticulous.

This armor is come from Yi minority of China. This is around 300 to 400 years old. It was made by rhinoceros' fur and bison's fur. It needs at least two years to finish it.

The Yi minority armor is divided into male and female. The male armor is red. It was worn by the warrior when they are in the battle. The female armor is black, and it wears in the religious ceremony. The Yi armor usually as red, yellow and black lacquer to make all kinds of pattern.

Also I will give the picture by attachment when the warrior wears.

I will give some information about Yi minority.

Living mainly in the hillside and basin areas in Yunnan, Sichuan, Guizhou Provinces together with the northwestern part of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Prefecture, the Yi ethnic minority is reputed as a nation with a long history and splendid culture within South Western China. According to the fifth national census shown in 2000, the Yi ethnic minority has a population of 7, 762, 286. It also has several branches
Various beliefs are treasured by the Yi people, such as the belief of the spirit, the worship of their ancestors, and the adoration of nature, along with the cherishing of Catholicism, Christianity, and Buddhism. Amongst all these beliefs, the power of the spirit is regarded as the most magical one. Some heirlooms left to the Yi people by their ancestors are endowed with magic that can bring good will to their owners. Therefore, these highly valued possessions are carefully kept and passed down through generations.
The Yi people are quite skilled at painting, sculpture, embroidery, and drawing with lacquer. The women are quite adept at embroidery. We can admire and appreciate their skills on their beautiful waistbands, handkerchiefs, and hanging strips. The women's reputations are greatly influenced by their level of embroidery competence.
Mainly six types of clothes are scattered in six different regions of Yi ethnic minority. However, women usually wear clothes with beautiful flowers embroidered on them and, long trousers with exquisite lace or skirts with numerous pleats. Men like to wear black narrow sleeved clothes, and loose pants. Both men and women wear head-handkerchiefs on their heads, while the women's are made with beautiful pictures embroidered on them.

FestivalTraditional festivals of the Yi ethnic minority include the Torch and Chahua festivals. Among them, the Torch festival is the grandest traditional festival, held on the 24th day of the lunar month of June. It is held to celebrate the victory of a rebellion against a tyrannical landlord. It lasts for three days, where families assemble together and hold rich and colourful activities. Wearing the traditional Yi clothes, the Yi people enjoy themselves with wrestling, horse racing, bull fighting, tug-of-wars and so on. When night comes, large bonfires are lit, with people sitting around, singing and dancing for the whole night.

Chahua festival is another characteristic festival which is held to commemorate the hero, Mi Yinu, who helped the Yi people overcome the tyrannical ruler. When the Maying flowers blossom, people will wear them on their hairs or present them to each other and sing to their heart's content to celebrate their happy life.

Other festivals such as Saichuan festival (a festival during which people dress in beautiful clothes and enter into fashion competitions), and Shiyue Nian (the traditional spring festival for the Yi ethnic group held on October) are also well worth participating in.

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