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This is the old Miao baby carrier. There are all handmade embroidery in baby carrier. It is very old and beautiful.

Most of the minority people they don't have their own characters, so they will use the patten on the cloth to record the history. About ten thousand years ago, minority people they live near yellow river, during the war, they fall, so they move to the south, than they arrive the place they live now! That's why most of minority they live in south part of China. When they move here, they have no time to grow food to eat, so fish is their main food to eat. And in chinese fish share the same pronuciation with each year we have something left for the next year.

About the stars, for minority people, their first job is hunting to get enough food to eat, if they go to far away, they can not go back soon. Easy to lost themselves, So they see the stars on the sky. And morther hopes that the stars will always show the way go back home to the baby, nomatter where he or she go, nomatter what they do. And morther will always prorect baby safe.

For minority people, butterfly is their morther, they said about 7000 years ago, butterfly has 12 eggs, one of the eggs became the first minority people: Chiyou. He has two big horns, so that why minority people they wornship the oxe. This embroidry come from one branch of Miao minority. One piece like that one girl has to use more than 20 years to do that.

Because ancient times chinese ladies when they was very little they began to banding their foot, very hard for them to go out. If they old enough, they have to finish some pieces of embroidry, show them to husbend family, if they said the skill is good, then they can get married. And the piece you get it is a head cover. We have a custom, every baby they have to have one baby-carrier and one head cover. If one baby use one thing like that, that piece belongs to the baby. Then hand it down generation to generation. So morther will use a long time to do something like that. After the girl get married, maybe during all their life, only one chance to go back home, when they go out, they can take it
Out, miss their morther and their home.

Minority people they use nature herbs to try to get different colour, so you can imagin maybe one colour the lady she use all her life try to do that. That's why one piece hte coliur is so perfect.

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